Voices of LOTRO: Sigewolf of Elendilmir

This post is my day 11 contribution to the 2015 Blaugust Initiative.

Elendilmir is one of LOTRO’s original North American servers, and its unofficial Oceanic server. Known to many as “the big E,” it was among the top three worlds in terms of player activity for many years. It was a bit of a shock when Turbine announced that it, along with 18 other servers, would be closing at the end of 2015. Tonight I chatted with Sigewolf, whom another player described as “the glue that keeps Elendilmir together. (Made from the hooves of the finest ponies.)”

Sergeant-at-Arms Sigewolf Helperofthelost, the Beloved.

Sergeant-at-Arms Sigewolf Helperofthelost, the Beloved.

Sigewolf, from British Columbia, Canada, has been playing LOTRO since the very first beta in October 2006. After launch, he found himself 35th in queue to log in to Brandywine, decided to give Elendilmir a try instead, and has been there ever since. When I asked him to describe Elendilmir in one word, he immediately answered, “Community.”

LOTRO is Sigewolf’s first MMO, and when he was just starting out, he was “worried about being a noob.” Since then, he’s made it his personal mission to share his eight years of experience with other newcomers to ensure they don’t face the same worries. (This was evident to me in World chat from the moment I first logged in.)

I asked Sigewolf if he had an especially fond memory of Elendilmir, and his answer impressed me.

For me it isn’t about listing my best hit ever in my bio. I log each day to help others have an easier time playing the game than I did. I figure the easier it is for new players, the more will stick around. So on that note, the most memorable for me is every time I log in and get mail or a chat message from someone saying, “Thank you so much for your help.”


The “Mayor of Elendilmir” gives a /swordsalute outside the town hall in Bree.

We talked for a bit about how Turbine is handling the process of server closures and character transfers. Like many other players, Sigewolf felt Turbine could have been more transparent about the criteria it used in selecting which LOTRO servers to close. But now that the decision has been made, he’s been busy researching a new home.

Our kin has popped into each of the four available servers, and none of them is like E. That said, our kin has picked Arkenstone. With luck, we’re excited to try to rebuild the E community there, if enough come with us.

In the few hours I spent on Elendilmir, I noted how welcoming they are to new players, and at the same time, how protective they are of their own community. They don’t tolerate any bullying or harassment. When I asked Sigewolf how he might say goodbye to his home server, he answered, “I don’t have to report trolls. If any trolls bug me, the E community shuts them down. So I guess, thank you E, for showing me all your respect and appreciation.”

Is your LOTRO server shutting down this year? Or are you on one of the remaining servers and expecting immigrants? Share your plans for the migration in the comments below.


16 thoughts on “Voices of LOTRO: Sigewolf of Elendilmir

  1. I never got a chance to really get to know Sige, and I’m not even sure if he’d remember me, but I always recall getting messages from people asking if I was he.

    “no, sorry. I’m far to grumpy to be that guy, Sigewolf is the one you’re looking for. ”

    I always took note when I saw him as he was the only other player on E that stood out with the badassery that is name that starts with Sig. I finally got a chance to speak with him a few times during the ROR days before I fell out of the game. My dwarves Sigram and Sigrum toast you, good sir Sigewolf!

    Cheers and pies for Fred as well. This post brings to mind all the many reasons I called E my home for so many years. I have not played more than a couple hours since Helms Deep launched, but the closure of the server saddens me greatly. At least we have this post to memorialize a great member of the community there and to keep the Big E’s magic burning somewhere.

    Jingle Jangle!

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      • Big E really was an amazing server. When I rolled my first toon there I was greeted by a kin who’d made it there mission to help new folks in the starter areas. They offered assistance, goods and would cheer when someone leveled up. The spirit was so contagious I transferred a couple of my mains and stayed there for a few years.

        Logging in now, seeing it so deserted, especially given how full it used to feel, it’s sad. So many amazing memories of raiding, community, fellowship and Wookie jokes from that server!


  2. I reckon Elendilmir is my server too.
    I was a lifetime subscriber, but I think I’ve lost that now. I tried to access my site a year or so back and couldn’t. An email to Turbine support didn’t get an answer, and I kind of lost interest. Every now and then I think of loading it up and starting again, then I remember the Trollshaws and shudder.


    • If you’re curious to give LOTRO another try, I’d recommend giving account support a call. It’s a lot easier for them to recover missing account information over the phone than by email. You can call them at +1-855-924-2637 from 2 PM to 6 PM U.S. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

      As a lifetime subscriber, you’ll have a TON of benefits waiting for you when you return. Also, they’ve somewhat revamped the Trollshaws since you last played. And if you still don’t like it, you have plenty of options to avoid it now.


  3. If anything positive can be said about Elendilmir being closed, it is that I have talked to more “old friends” who stopped playing the game years ago than I thought possible. Facebook, Teamspeak, Email, and in game discussions have all been used to reconnect with each other. We truly are a close community. Kin leaders and Raid Group leaders have all been in contact with each other, sharing information about the four server choices. Sigewolf has been a HUGE help in this respect. He has gone out of his way to keep us in touch with each other. I am very proud to not only call him a kinmate, but also a friend. Much love to you, Sige. ❤


  4. Known Sige for a number of years and when I came back after a 4 year break he was the first to remember me from our days in Archangels. He filled me in that we had merged with Into The West while I was gone, sent me the invite and been there ever since. Many days/nights he jokes that his character hasn’t moved in hours because someone needed help with something. When someone has a question or needs guidance he’s always the first to jump in and share a link or give advice or share his experience to make that person’s journey easier. To say he is a huge asset to ITW and Elendilmir is an understatement. Just hope Arkenstone will appreciate him as all of us on Elendilmir have all these years. Oh….and of course I’m going with him….what do you think I am? Crazy?


  5. As we’ve discussed, I’ll probably move my main and a few other toons to Landroval. My kin is holding a vote to see which server members prefer, but the lack of participation has thus far been uninspiring (3 votes, one being the kin leader – I have not voted). The Windfola Alliance seems to be leaning towards Crickhollow, so my kin may head there. If so, I’ll move probably one capped toon and some lowbies to stay in the kin, but will still have to decide where to send my account shared items.

    One thought I had was to go reserve my name on the surviving servers, but it was not available on any of them that I didn’t already own (I have it on Landy and Ark), so unless I’m able to transfer my current toon from Landy and trump the other guy on Crick or Brandy or Gladden, in pretty much out of luck. ‘Braxwolf’ on Crick and Gladden are both under level 10 and feel like name squats. ‘Braxwolf’ on Brandy is taken but not showing in game, so most certainly a squat, plus we’ve got the transfer restrictions on Brandy anyway so that further complicates things.

    I’m already worn out from thinking about it. Server merges will be good for the game overall, but are proving to be quite trying for some individual players.


  6. Sige is a good guy. He’s well liked on Elendilmir.

    Will you be doing interviews of someone from every server?


    • Yes, I’d like to interview a player from each server that’s closing. I’m not prearranging interviews, though. I’m just logging in to each server near its prime time and finding someone from World chat willing to talk to a complete stranger for half an hour. 🙂


  7. Thank you all for the kind words. Shows why E is so great. It is because of players like you all ^^^
    Much love back atcha Ravy. ❤ My Friend
    Fredelas. can you fix the quote for me please. I don’t want peeps thinking I am made of horses ;P
    Please insert > made from the hooves of the finest ponies <
    Please and Thank you


  8. I was one of those noobs that Sigewolf helped many years ago and I’m proud to say that he’s been my friend since. We’re in the same kin now, and I don’t think I would have joined or played as long if it wasn’t for both him and Griffinstorm. I’m glad I did and will do what I can to continue this awesome trend. I sir, salute you!

    I have and will always love Elendilmir, one of the only places that has pulled me out of the gloom and saved my life. Literally. I love you guys, and look forward to staying around as long as Turbine lets me.



  9. Like many on here, I know more of Sige than actually knowing Sige himself from his time on world chat. I’ve been on E since I joined LOTRO in late 2007 and always found it welcoming – even when it was quiet. Trolling is kept to a minimum (save for some usual suspects), and everyone is helpful, as Sige is.

    My halcyon days of raiding (although not grand) were in Moria with DN and Filikul (actually never completed watcher until way later). However, I never lacked for things to do in ME.

    I am not sure where I will take my toons – my main kin is going to Ark, but the group I do more content with is undecided.

    However, the road goes ever on and on, and I follow it with eager feet.

    Krysfaerun (akd Krysfrune, Wyrana, Krysbruin, Manlyman, Merrykrysmas, Voxmoney)


  10. Remember you well Sigram. Nice to see you. Hope all is well. Ya first thought was who is this Sigram player and peeps call him sig in chat. This could get confusing. What if they are an a$$. will other peeps think I am them and an a$$. Sent a /tell right away to say hi and get to know you. Glad I did. Hope you pop onto Arkenstone check out the game with the new hardware bla bla and say Hi 🙂
    A toast back atcha Sigram


  11. Wow nice. I am in good company with Griffy. honored tx Poppey . That said it was sweet nice players like yourself that made it a pleasure to log in to game each night. So goes both ways. Much love friend. ( the rest I can’t type here ) hehe lol


  12. Our kinship decided on Arkenstone, so I will be following them. I love Sigewolf he has been one of the pillars of our E community. I am happy that we will be in Arkenstone together. I am going to miss those that don’t follow us, although my heart is heavy. I’m still looking forward to the transfer. Knowing that Sigewolf with be there, when I need him makes the transfer less painful. Love you Sigewolf.


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