Voices of LOTRO: Skamvetnir of Gilrain

This post is my day 10 contribution to the 2015 Blaugust Initiative.

With 19 of LOTRO’s servers closing at the end of 2015, I thought it would be nice to meet a few of their residents before the big move. Gilrain is LOTRO’s least busy server, but certainly not its least spirited! Today I spoke with the dwarf Skamvetnir, Middle-earth’s self-proclaimed “leading Elvis(h) impersonator.”

It must be those blue suede shoes

Stay off those blue suede shoes.

Skamvetnir hails from Sheffield, England, and began beta testing LOTRO when it was operated by Codemasters in Europe. He started playing more regularly in 2010, and chose the Gilrain server on the recommendation of some friends. I asked if there was anything special about this server, and Skamvetnir mentioned that there was less trolling and players weren’t as banal. “Gilrain has a sense of humour I never found on odd trips to other servers.”

There seems to be a mixture of nostalgia and anticipation among players waiting for free server transfers. Skamvetnir had this to say:

I’ll be sad to lose Gilrain, but it has become so quiet. World chat is only as busy now as my kinship chat used to be. MMOs without other players are dull. I understand the reasons and needs but a part of me wishes Gilrain could live on. I’m waiting to see where my friends will go, and we’ll pick up a new kin on the flip side.

He does have fond memories, though. Maybe it’s his blue suede shoes, or maybe it’s too much dwarven ale, but Skamvetnir has a history of spectacular falls. “It’s a trait of his character. Other alts could walk along a tightrope, him never. The Hytbold quests were a nightmare. They caused much amusement as kinnies would come watch me fall off the one that was tightrope walking.” But the story doesn’t end there. “I fell off every precipice and into every bottomless chasm in Moria, as well.” That’s quite a tall confession, for a dwarf!

Skamvetnir relaxes in the shade in Celondim, LOTRO's elf starting area

It seems Skamvetnir has trouble keeping his balance even on a gentle hillside in Celondim.

We also spoke for a bit about Turbine’s announcement of the upcoming server closures, and how it’s handling the transfer process:

I know the original announcement of server closures had factors out of their control. But the length of time since we knew it might happen until knowing it would happen (and which servers) was bad for morale. I’m nervous about the transfers. I have a lot in the shared wallet, so I’ll be taking lots of screenshots before I hit the transfer button.

I asked what hopes Skamvetnir had for the future of LOTRO. He said,

I would love to see Northern Mirkwood, the Grey Mountains, and Gundabad, as well as Erebor properly. Just following the fellowship is fine, but the books made the point that elves and dwarves had war on their own doorsteps. It would be nice to defend home as well as venture to Mordor.

Finally, Skamvetnir had these parting words to share with his home server. “My thanks to Gilrain for being there when I had insomnia, and not having me banned for bad jokes and stream of consciousness posting when I was bored doing slayer deeds.”

Do you have fond memories of your LOTRO server? Share them with us in the comments below.