Five Favorite Features: ArcheAge #4 – Custom Crests

This post is my day 7 contribution to the 2015 Blaugust Initiative.

In most MMOs, the only true user-generated content you’ll ever see is words in the chat window. We’ve all heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousands words.” If that’s true, then an offensive picture is probably worth at least a million! ArcheAge boldly takes that risk, and lets you upload images to customize lots of your stuff.

I created this Certified Pie Inspector crest in Photoshop with transparency.

I created this Certified Pie Inspector crest in Photoshop with transparency.

The first step is to is create your crest picture. You can use your favorite image editor to do this. Make sure it’s exactly 256 × 256 pixels in size, and save it in PNG format. It’s okay to have transparent areas in your image; they’ll remain transparent when it’s applied in-game. Save this image in the Documents\ArcheAge\UCC\ folder and name it ucc.png (this is case-sensitive).

The next thing you’ll need is the Crest Brainstorm item. You can either buy this for 300 credits directly from the Marketplace or you can search for it on the auction house. On my server cluster, it usually sells for about 100 gold at auction. This pricing is ostensibly a barrier to uploading offensive images, but in practice, you’ll probably still come across a few. Obscene crest images are one of the few things to which Trion responds quickly in its policing.

Click your crest design, then optionally choose a background and colors.

The crest printer workstation.

Now proceed to a Crest Printer workstation. You can find these in most crafting areas in ArcheAge. Interact with the workstation, and if you created your image correctly, it will appear in the bottom left corner of the window. Click on it to select your design. In the row above that, you can optionally choose a number of different background patterns and change their colors. (The background portion won’t appear on the sails of Merchant Schooner or Clipper ships, but it should work on most other items you can apply the crest to.) When you’re satisfied, click Complete. Your Crest Brainstorm will be consumed, and you’ll receive a Crest Ink item in exchange.

Finally, locate a General Merchant NPC and purchase a Memory Ink item for 10 silver. Right-click on the Crest Ink item you crafted earlier to consume the Memory Ink and create a Crest Stamp item. You can now right-click on the finished Crest Stamp to apply it to any item that accepts crests. This includes full cloaks, some costumes, ships, and many housing decorations.

Crests displayed on the sails of several ships.

Crests displayed on the sails of several ships. © 2014 Trion Worlds

Do you or your guild have an emblem you’d be proud to display in your favorite game? Show it off in the comments section below!