Five Favorite Features: ArcheAge #3 – Public Transport

This post is my day 6 contribution to the 2015 Blaugust Initiative.

Plenty of games feature a public transport network. While ArcheAge has an incredibly diverse array of personal transportation options (mounts, gliders, ships, farm carts, submarines), it’s the shared public means of getting around that really tickle my fancy.

So why is one of ArcheAge’s most unremarkable features also one of my favorites? I suppose a little history is in order. The farm where I grew up was 7 miles from the nearest paved road. From an early age, everyone got around in his or her own car or truck. There wasn’t a bus, train, or airport within a hundred miles. As a result, every time I’ve encountered public transportation in real life or in a game, it has fascinated and delighted me.

On the continents of Nuia and Haranya, airships cross the skies between most zones, and hackney carriages ramble along the main roads within each zone. They’re especially crucial time-savers for new players making their first few trade runs. And since instant travel is very limited in ArcheAge, veterans assembling trade packs with exotic components can benefit from them, too.

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A carriage ride or airship voyage is also a great time to meet other players. No one is busy running or fighting, so why not take advantage of the opportunity for a few moments of awkward conversation? See, it really is just like public transit in real life. It’s convenient, reliable, and sociable, and at least two of those are good things.

What about you? Do you use public transportation in games or do you prefer to blaze your own trail? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I really enjoyed the public transportation in AA, too. It just made it feel like a functioning world. Especially when you just missed the airship you need to take. XD

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